"The greatest compliment we can receive is a referral from a past client . . . "
                          Don Jennings

"Several years ago, Donald Jennings built a home for me in the shore community of Lavalette.  I first came to know Mr. Jennings approximately twelve years prior to that, when he built a large garage on the same property . . . Over the past fifteen years, my family and I have spent most of our weekends at this shore area, and in the course of that time, I have seen many of the homes which Mr. Jennings has built.  Many of those homes are waterfront properties and considerabley more substantial than the home (2100 sq. ft.) Mr. Jennings built for me.

It is obvious to even a layman like myself that he is a highly skilled craftsman.  I can readily identify the site of one of his projects by how clean and orderly the site is kept, as well as by the quality of the workmanship.  Over the years, I have followed the progress of many of his projects and I have always been impressed by the proficiency of the construction and how expeditiously it is completed.

Beyond the quality of his work, I know him to be a man of special integrity and high ethical values.  I am also aware that his reputation in the community for professionalism and trustworthiness is consistent with my personal experience.  I recommend him without reservation."

Ronald G. Marmo
Superior Court Judge
State of New Jersey
"This letter is to serve as a letter of reference for Mr. Donald Jennings . . . I have known him for over ten years.  Mr. Jennings has been the General Contractor on a number of projects designed by this office.  I have found him to be a very conscientious, honest person whose framing and finishing work are of excellent quality.  . ."

Arthur M. Harden, AIA
Arthur Manns Harden AIA Architecuture
"I have known Don Jennings for over five years in both a business and personal context.

In his business dealings, he has always been forthright, honest, and professional.  In working with him on many jobs over the years, his customers have always had the highest regard for his craftsmanship.  He was attentive to details and pleasant in dealings with clients. On a more personal level, he is a devoted family man with high standards in his private life.

I would recommend him highly to anyone as a contractor, and would not hesitate to have him work on my personal home."

David D. Harrington
Pella Windows & Doors
"I have known Don Jennings for the last 10 years and have found his construction knowledge and craftsmanship to be exemplary.  His honesty and concern for my clients have always been foremost in the construction process.

I have never had any complaints from clients in over 50 new home / addition / alteration projects that we have done together.  I highly recommend Don Jennings both in character and competency."

George K. Hoppe, P.A.
George K. Hoppe Architects & Professional Planners